Path 1 – Strategic

Ordained men already assessed by MNA who can move to major cities to begin new works. This path is geared for not only critical works, but also hard to reach communities where specific skills are required.

At this time the Presbytery’s MNA committee will commit $30,000/year for three years to an approved Path 1 Planter.

Path 2 – Apprentice

Seminary grads who desire mentoring to plant a daughter church. This 1-3 year program offers coaching from the sending church and the opportunity to build a core group out of a nurturing church community. These candidates are not necessarily from Wisconsin. For them to receive Presbytery monies for their apprenticeships, they must either have attended the Assessment Center or a Readiness Seminar.

At this time the Presbytery’s MNA committee will commit up to $15,000/year for two years to an approved apprentice, as monies in our budget are available.

Path 3 – Intern / Indigenous

Geared for those who are from Wisconsin but lack the formal academic preparation. In conjunction with RTS, CTS, LAMP or Third Millennium Seminary, these students will intern in a church, and most likely, plant out of that church. Path 3 is ideal to reach cities, towns, suburbs and ethnic populations. Students are admitted to the Path 3 program on the basis of showing initial interest and aptitude to be a church planter. Continuance in the Path 3 program with benefits listed below is based on a positive review at the Readiness Seminar in year 3.

Expenses for this program will be shared accordingly three ways.

If the student is participating in the RTS-Orlando Hybrid program, RTS will give a 50% tuition discount. The remaining 50% of the tuition is shared accordingly:

  • 16% of the tuition will be paid for by the sponsoring church
  • 17% of the tuition will be paid for by the On Wisconsin Network
  • 17% of the tuition will be paid for by the student

The cost for a 5-year program for each of the above 3 contributors would be about $2000/year.

The On Wisconsin Network will also pay for all additional hybrid costs, including flights, housing, food, as well as all books.

Wisconsin Presbytery’s Engagement

For this program to succeed and for Wisconsin to be reached in the coming generations, it is imperative that each church:

  • Encourage the congregation to pray for the works and workers in our Presbytery
  • Commit to pray for their own church to raise up future kingdom workers
  • Consider taking on an apprentice and/or an intern and be a church planting church.
  • Give sacrificially to extend the kingdom here in Wisconsin, committing an annual 10% increase in that giving. Any church benefiting from this program by having an apprentice or intern, or seeking to plant a church is expected to be an ongoing giving partner to this program.

Wisconsin Presbytery’s
Path 1, 2 & 3 Workers

Path 1 – Church Plants

  • Chad Baudhuin: All Saints – Green Bay
  • Josh Golackson: Living Stone – Oshkosh
  • Matt Grimsley: Resurrection Presbyterian – Madison
  • Luis Garcia: Hispanic Plant – Waukesha (pending R-1 Visa approval)
  • Dan Quakkelaar: Friend of Sinners – Milwaukee
  • Ben Sinnard: Oconomowoc Church Plant
  • Iho Tree: Madison Chinese Christian Church – Madison

Path 2 – Apprentices

  • David Ehmke: Emmaus Road – Appleton
  • Clay Smith: Cornerstone Presbyterian – Delafield
  • Rich Verano: Bible Presbyterian – Merrill

Path 3 – Interns

  • David Gallagher: All Saints – Green Bay
  • Ben Leatherberry: All Saints – Green Bay
  • James Lima: Living Stone – Oshkosh
  • Chris Mott: Emmaus Road – Appleton
  • Curtis Payton: Friend of Sinners – Milwaukee
  • Michael Vogel: Lake Trails Presbyterian – Madison

If each of these works and men move forward, we will have 16 new churches in our Presbytery in the next ten years, more than tripling our present number.